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WELCOME TO BELLENEW is a place for you to come back to find the finest accessories for your lifestyle.

Our scarves and shawls are procuced by the largest scarves manufacture in the Asia with the integrated cashmere industry chain from raw material to the finished products.  With the most advanced equipments and 19 years of cashmere and pashmina processing experience, we can produce the best quality cashmere products.

This website was to help you to save money and offering a wide variety of high-quality, brand-name merchandise at discount prices. It provides online shoppers the best value and a superior customer experience. was created for you with exquisite taste. It brings to you high quality scarves, shawls and sweaters that allow you to shop from all over the world. High quality and versatile pashmina an cashmere products for both man and woman. has worked hard to put together a website that gives you clear detailed pictures with a thorough description of each product. We want your experience to be relaxing and enjoyable!

For the fashionistas , we will be carrying the latest fashsion product for you to model at the office, in the classroom, or at the club. Wherever the venue, a go will make you look fabulous and will certainly make all other girls and boys wish they had gone to first!

We guarantee that we will make you satisfied with our products and services. We are in business to make you happy. We will go the extra mile for you. If that means working overtime, then it will be done! We will try our best to do the order process wonderfully.

We promise to:

· Provide customer support everyday.

· Streamline the buying and paying process.

· Deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision.

· Ensure the excellent quality of our products.

The character of cashmere: 

1. Shining, covere by a layer of fine and regular scale, the cashmere is shining.

2. Soft and slippery, there is no medulla in the cashmere and it is so fine that is soft and slippery to the skin. That is why so many persons wear the cashmere snugly.

3. Moisture absorbing or releasing well. The cashmere is seasoned with all the weather. It can absorb your sweat when your skin is sweaty or release the mositure to your skin when it is dry.

4. Light and warm, a piece of cashmere sweater is only weighed 200-250 gram. A scarf or shawl is pretty lighter. However, it can keep you warm in the cold days.

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